DAY 33- July 28, 2014 (Monday) Jekyll Isand, GA

Today the temperature read 98 with a heat index of 110. We took the Marina bicycles out to explore the island. The boys and I went to the beach on the ocean side for a swim. It was like a bath. We had a picnic in the shade. We were inside the boat the rest of the day after that. The heat really wears you out. The island has been a destination spot for many vacationers over the century. People came to admire the wildlife from the marshes estuary as well as enjoy the relaxation from the mainland. Now there are resorts and golf courses with many historic homes built in the 1800’s.





2 thoughts on “DAY 33- July 28, 2014 (Monday) Jekyll Isand, GA

  1. Does Jekyll Island have the beach where you can find lots of sand dollars?
    It’s not even that hot here in BVI. Yuck!
    The town is beautiful! God is good! Glad you are all enjoying your journey. Love you!

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